Testing, Assessment & Scores

Testing, Assessment & Scores

Understanding testing is extremely important, but more important is understanding some things about what and how your child learns.  Clearly from the beginning of their educational careers, children must learn to read, write, spell, compute and become aware of the world around them.

Reading is a cornerstone for education and comprehending what is read is critical. Spend “quality time” with your child by reading and discussing daily events. Standardized tests in Reading Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are given annually to specific grade level students. Be aware that test scores, alone, do not evaluate certain variables in any given school. It is part of a multi-criteria approach. If you must compare your child’s scores to anything, compare them to the scores achieved by your child in the previous year.

Treat “test day” in the same manner as you would any other day in the school year. Doing otherwise adds too much stress to the test and it will cause undue anxiety to your child. See that your child sleeps well the night before, eats a healthy breakfast, and brings two well-sharpened #2 pencils to school.


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