General School Rules


  • Please enter the building through the Main Door only.
  •  For security reasons, we would prefer all visitors to bring valid photo I.D. and sign in with security before going directly to the Main Office.
  • Appointments with teachers can and should be made by parents. You can request an appointment by sending a note to the teacher with your child. In the event of an emergency, come to the main office for assistance.
  • It is very important to keep your child’s Emergency Contact Card up to date. Please inform the Main Office of any and all changes of address (proof is required), phone number, or any other pertinent information, as soon as possible.

The school reserves the right to ban a child from any and all school functions, activities, assemblies, etc. due to what is deemed by the school administration as excessive absences or lateness.

Parent calendars are distributed monthly to inform you of school activities. If there are any changes to the calendar, a notice will be sent home. School food breakfast and lunch menus are also sent to you. Please make sure to always look through your child’s book bag for this and any other notes that are sent.

Look for our school newspaper, which is published and sent home three times during the year. It is filled with messages from administration, teachers and staff. You will find wonderful articles of stories, poetry, and other expressive writings published by our students.

School Messenger is our phone messaging system. Please make sure if you see that there is a call from the school, you check the message BEFORE you call us. Automated calls are sent regarding a child’s absence and lateness. They are also sent out regarding any important announcements or information from the school that you need to know.