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If you need any assistance, information, or guidance, please reach out to Ms. Christine Silecchia-Abel, School Counselor at CSilecchiaAbel@schools.nyc.gov.

Social and Emotional Learning



Stress Relief Video For Students

Middle School Information

Attention All 5th Grade Families...

Middle School Applications will be available soon.  The application deadline has been extended this year.  All Middle School Applications are personalized and middle school choices are determined by home address.  Please be sure that your home address is correct in the NYC Department of Education computer system. You will soon be able to log into MySchools and activate the MySchools account for your 5th grader at MySchools.nyc.  The activation codes will be sent to you in the coming weeks. You may view your address information in MySchools.nyc.  If your address information is incorrect, please email CSilecchiaAbel@schools.nyc.gov, so that we may correct it.  Please contact Ms. Silecchia-Abel, School Counselor at CSilecchiaAbel@schools.nyc.gov  if you have any questions or concerns. regarding Middle School Applications. 

Please click the link below to access the searchable MySchools Middle School Directory. You may use this to search and explore all middle schools and programs across NYC.

Please click the link below to visit the I.S. 234 Cunningham Virtual Open House.






Gratitude Activity

The Gratitude Tree

Here’s the perfect gratitude activity. It’s called the Gratitude Tree or Thankful Tree. It’s a fun simple activity to do with your child.

The Gratitude Tree activity teaches children to:

*appreciate the small things in life,

*be grateful for everything they have,

*be mindful of the things that are going right in their lives

*and be grateful for the people they hold closest to their hearts.


Gratitude practice is easy, heartwarming and fun to do.

What you will need: paper, pencil, pen, or crayon, small safety scissors


-Draw a simple tree shape on a piece of paper.

-Cut out simple leaf shapes on plain paper

-Ask your child to write down on the leaf shaped paper, the things for which your child is grateful.

-Tape or glue the gratitude leaves onto the tree branches.

-You’re done! (Please see the picture below for an example of the tree.)

Now your child can display the Gratitude Tree and you can talk together as a family about the things for which you are grateful.


Thankful Tree Craft

More Middle School Information


 Cartoon picture of children 

Please find below, the direct link to the NYC DOE website for middle school information.



Please click this link below to search and explore all middle schools and programs across NYC.


Please click the link below to visit the I.S. 234 Cunningham Virtual Open House.



Daily Gratitude Activity

 The Gratitude Game 

Middle School Information



Friendship Soup Recipe