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    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School

Upcoming Events

  • Thanksgiving Recess - No School

    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School
  • Kindergarten Admissions for September 2018 Begins

    For children born in 2013.

    You can apply online, by phone or at the enrollment center. If you have any questions, please see Beth Rocco, Parent Coordinator.

    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School
  • Picture Re-Take Day

    All Grades

    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School
  • Auditorium

    Cool Culture Parent Meeting for Parents in Pre-K and K

    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School
  • N.D.I. - Grade 4

    PS 255 The Barbara Reing School
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Monthly Message From Principal, Mrs. McCann

Monthly Message From Our Principal, 

Mrs. McCann

November 2017

Dear Parents, 

 It’s hard to believe it is already November.  This year seems to be flying by.  September and October were busy months and I am sure we can expect the same this month. 

 Our assembly schedule began last month. So far, the classes have been putting on wonderful shows and I cannot wait for the rest of the classes to perform.  Check monthly calendars to see which classes are performing.  Parents are welcome to attend any and all of our assemblies.  Please do not forget to send your child dressed in dark pants/skirt and white shirt/blouse on assembly days.   

 Parent/Teacher Conference Evening will be on Wednesday, November 15th from 4:30 – 7:30 P.M.  Parent/Teacher Conference Afternoon will be on, Thursday, November 16th from 12:30 - 2:30 P.M. All children will be dismissed at 11:30 P.M.  Please make every effort to come up to school to speak with your child’s teacher.  It’s very important to be informed about your child’s academic performance in school.  Report cards will be given directly to the parents at these conferences.  Children will not be bringing them home. 

 On Thursday, November 2nd, we will be honoring our “Students of the Month” for the month of October.  If your child comes late to school, doesn’t complete all homework and schoolwork, doesn’t obey the rules and regulations, he/she will not be able to receive this most coveted award.  Please let’s work together so all students may have a chance to be a “Student of the Month.”  Make sure to sit and help your child do his/her homework and stress the importance of good attendance and punctuality.  These elementary years are the best times to get your children on the road to success.  

 Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day.  School will be closed on that day, so that our staff may engage in professional learning activities.    

 Any parent whose child has been late or absent 5 or more times in any marking period must see me during Open School Conference Days.  Together, we will work out a plan to get your child to school on time, and to improve his/her attendance. 

 Open School Week begins on Monday, November 13th and ends on Friday, November 15th.  During this week, parents are invited to sit in on their child’s class during the day and watch as lessons are being taught.  You are invited to come to school, based on the following schedule during this week, according to your child’s grade: 

Monday, November 13th – Grade 4, 5 and 106 

Tuesday, November 14th – PreKKindergarten, Grade 1 and 106A  

Wednesday, November 15th – Grades 2 and 3 and 103A 

If there is a problem for you with this schedule, please see Ms. Rocco, our parent coordinator.  Changes will be made, to accommodate your specific need, on a case by case basis. 

 Grade 5 is having their Annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 21st in our gym at 11:00 A.M.  All Kindergartens will be having their Multicultural Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 21st in their classrooms.   

 School will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th in celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

 Parents, please dress your children appropriately for the weather.  The weather is getting colder, and when we go out during lunch many children do not have appropriate apparel.  Please make sure they have jackets or sweaters with them. 

 Please make sure that your child is at school no later than 8:10 A.M. every day.  We have a large number of students arriving late each day.  When a child is late, it disrupts his/her entire day.  It is important to teach the benefits of punctuality to your children.  If your child arrives later than 8:10 A.M. your child is LATE.  You MUST bring your child into the main lobby and sign your child’s name into the LATE LOG BOOK.  If your child is excessively late, the school has the right to ban your child from being “Student of the Month,” Awards Assemblies, Attendance Breakfast and any and all school activities and functions.  

 SAVE THESE DATES: On Tuesday, December 5st we will be having our Thirteenth Annual Holiday Crafts Night.  This is a great time to make holiday gifts for loved ones. On Wednesday, December 13th our 4th grade students will be having their culminating event with NDI. On TuesdayDecember 19th we are having our “Winter Concert” in our auditorium.  This is the time to really see your children “shine.”  Tickets are on a first come, first served basis.  Our Junior and Senior chorus will be performing, as well as many other of our very musical and talented children. 

 ReminderOur Winter Recess break is from Monday, December 25th - Monday, January 1st.   School resumes on Tuesday, January 2nd.  Please do not extend this holiday break.  For the sake of your child’s academic success he/she needs to be in school each and every day.    

  Please remember to only exit the building through the main door.  All of the doors are alarmed and exiting will set the alarm off when opened. 

 Looking forward to meeting and greeting all of the parents during Open School Week.  I want to wish all of our P.S. 255 family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving holiday.  I feel all of us in America have a lot to be thankful for. 

 Very truly yours,  

Kelly McCann 



Back to School Basics

Back to School Basics     


For New York City students and their families, this page is a one-stop, back-to-school shop with important information to get ready for the first day of school and a fantastic school year. You can also download a copy of the Achieve NYC Back to School Basics PDF to read and share.

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Achieve NYC

Achieve NYC

Achieve NYC: A Complete Guide to New York City Public Schools, has the most current information regarding the City’s public schools.  The guide contains: important dates, details about enrolling in City schools, who to speak to in schools when you have concerns, grade-specific learning expectations, transportation options for students, and how to obtain financial aid for college.

Special Education Post-Review Announcement

Post-Review Announcement


The New York State Education Department: Office of Special Education completed a Special Education Quality Assurance (SEQA) Special Education Programs and Services Focused Review P.S. 255 during the 2015-2016 school year. This review examined the district's compliance with selected federal and State laws and regulations governing the education of students with disabilities.


The review was conducted by the SEQA for the New York City Regional Office. The review process involved a review of school records of a representative sample of students with disabilities, classroom visitations, interviews of parents and staff surveys. Meetings of the committee on special education were also observed.


A copy of the report may be reviewed from the Superintendent's office, located at 5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234.

For all latest information please check out District 22's Weekly Email Blast, Newsletter and Website

Check out all the latest information about the Community District 22 Website!

Also check out District 22's Weekly Email Blast!

As well as the District 22 Monthly Newsletter!

2017 - 2018 School Year Calendar

2017-2018 School Year Calendar

View the calendar for the 2017-2018 school year, including key dates and parent-teacher conference dates.
View the 2017-2018 school calendar with disclosures and legal notices.

Kindergarten Admissions for Children born in 2013 Begins


Get ready for Kindergarten Admissions this fall! NYC families with children born in 2013 can prepare by taking these three steps:  

Gifted & Talented Admissions for Students that will be entering Grades K - 3 in 2018

Get ready for Gifted & Talented (G&T) Admissions this fall! Students entering kindergarten through third grade can participate in G&T Admissions and their families can prepare by taking these three steps:  

  • Read the NYC Gifted & Talented Handbook: Learn about G&T Admissions, find programs that interest you, and prepare for the G&T test with practice problems. 
  • Go to an Elementary Admissions Event in October: Learn about Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Gifted & Talented Admissions in one night and make one plan for how to apply.
  • Mark your calendar: Plan to sign up to take the G&T test starting in early October. Look for a follow up email about when and how to sign up for the test.

Questions? Visit Gifted & Talented Admissions or call 718-935-2009. 

The G&T Admissions Team

P.S. Sign up for Kindergarten email updates to get the latest info about applying to kindergarten if your child was born in 2013. 

Attention 5th Grade Parents!

Get ready to apply to middle school this fall! Prepare by taking these three steps:  

  • Read the NYC Middle School Directory: Learn about Middle School Admissions and find programs that interest you.
  • Go to a Middle School District Fair in October: Get to know the middle schools in your district and learn how to apply.
  • Get to Know Your School Counselor: Speak with your counselor about schools that interest you and questions you have about Middle School Admissions. 
  • Check out the dates for the District 22 Middle School Fair, Open Houses and Tours: Click Here!

Questions? Visit Middle School Admissions, or speak with Christine Silecchia -Abel, School Counselor or  Beth Rocco, Parent Coordinator.


School Lunch is now free for all NYC students


The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is pleased to announce that starting this school year, lunch is now completely free for all students in every New York City public school. Breakfast is already provided for free and now all meals will be served at no charge to families.

We need your help to make this program a success. All parents, regardless of income, must still complete a School Meals Form so that our schools get access to federal funding for this program and others. Please complete the form online at www.myschoolapps.com by December 29, 2017. A hardcopy of the form will also be sent home and is available at your school’s main office.

If you have already added money to your MySchoolBucks account for your child’s lunches this year, or if you have a balance remaining from prior years, you will receive a full refund. DOE will follow up with information on how to get your refund in the coming weeks.

Please join me in spreading the word that breakfast and lunch are free for all students every day. I hope your child will take advantage of this wonderful new opportunity and come enjoy a healthy meal with us.

NYC Schools Account

NYC Schools Account: With a NYC Schools account https://mystudent.nyc/ you will be able to access key information about your child's progress in school, including attendance, report card grades, general student information, and test scores (including test scores from your child's New York State math and English Language Arts (ELA)) in one of ten languages on a computer, phone or tablet. To register for an account in person or online, please contact Beth Rocco, Parent Coordinator

Why Nominate a Teacher?

Why Nominate a Teacher?

A Big Apple Awards nomination is a great way to say "thank you" to an exceptional NYC teacher. Learn more about the benefits of being nominated.

Thank you to Councilman Deutsch!!!

A huge thank you to Councilman Deutsch, who has generously given us additional funding for the 2017-2018 school year! The Councilman has always supported our school and we are truly appreciative of all that he has done for our students!

                                                                                                                         Image result for thank you

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Physical exam requirement!

Calling all Parents! Did you know every child must a completed physical exam to stay in school?  Just like immunizations, a check-up is REQUIRED  and a copy of the form must go to the school nurse's office. If your child is missing this requirement, please make an appointment with your child's doctor and take care of this immediately. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Check out how we include EVERYONE at PS 255!


Our schools can receive additional funding for some of the services that are provided to students, like your child, who have individualized education plans (IEPs). In order for our schools to receive this funding, you previously signed a consent to (1) access and provide to the state and federal Medicaid programs personally identifiable information from your child’s special education records about the special education evaluations, programs and services that are provided to your child and (2) access your child’s Medicaid benefits to pay for these services. This letter of annual notification is to remind you that by previously signing this consent, you understood and agreed that the New York City Department of Education may access your child’s public benefits or insurance to pay for special education services provided to or on behalf of your child. Thank you for your assistance in ensuring that our schools receive as much funding as possible for the critical supports that are provided to our students. Sincerely, Carmen Fariña Chancellor ---

What information about my child will be provided to state and federal Medicaid programs? The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) will provide information about the special education evaluations and services provided to your child. This information may include the IEP, progress notes, attendance records, evaluations and other records and information about evaluations and services provided to your child. Is there any cost to me or to my family? There is no cost to you or your family. You will not be required to incur any expenses, premiums, costs or copayments for the provision of these services. The services that are provided to your child in and outside of school will not be affected in any way. If your family receives Medicaid benefits, your coverage will not be canceled, the lifetime coverage in place will not decrease and services that your family receives will not be affected in any way by the accessing of Medicaid benefits. You will not be required to sign up for or enroll in Medicaid for your child to receive the services on his/her IEP. You will not risk the loss of eligibility for home and community based waivers, if any, that are based on your total health-related expenditures. Can I change my mind about allowing the NYC DOE to access my child’s information and submit claims to the Medicaid program and revoke my consent? Yes - you may change your mind about this consent at any time. To change your decision, contact your child’s school and request to complete a new Medicaid consent form. The NYC DOE must still provide special education and services to your child at no cost to you even if you withdraw your consent at a later date.

PS 255 is Awesome!

Rezoning of District 22

Community District Education Council-22 would like to share the attached updated rezoning presentation with the Community. The Office of District Planning has also made it available on their website.


Here is the link: http://schools.nyc.gov/NR/rdonlyres/28FEC0C1-A79F-44C7-9685-728DFE1EC109/0/D22_Rezoning_Official_Presentation_vfinal.pdf


I am delighted to inform you that our school has been selected to participate in the School Mental Health Consultant Program and will receive services starting this academic year. The School Mental Health Consultant Program (SMHCP) is part of ThriveNYC, the City’s strategic plan to improve and promote the mental health of its residents and facilitated by the DOE Office of School Health.  Schools are the most common point of entry for children seeking help for mental health concerns and the adults on our staff are the most reliable sources of referrals for our students.  School staff members have a perfect vantage point to observe students, notice change over time, spot concerns, and work closely with our School Mental Health Consultant to link students to supports. Building capacity in the school building for early identification of mental health issues through training, consultation, and support will increase our student’s mental health and academic success.

The School Mental Health Consultant will support our school by:

  • Promoting mental health and informing our school community about the program.
  • Identifying our school’s internal resources, gaps and creating School Mental Health Plans to connect schools with community based providers and other resources.
  • Provide training and consultation to our staff in order to raise their awareness about mental health and help them to address mental health concerns of students. 

We want to create a culture where good mental health is an essential part of the academic environment! If you have any questions please contact me or visit the website at ThriveNYC. Thank you for helping make this program a great success! 

Statement on Accessibility

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact amandelbaum@schools.nyc.gov to request assistance.

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