UPK Plus

In addition to our two full-time Prekindergarten classes, we also offer one full-time Prekindergarten Plus Program.

Universal Prekindergarten Plus (UPK Plus) Model serves general and special education children in an inclusion setting in public schools, supports all of the elements of the UPK model plus a special education teacher (with preparation and absence coverage), an additional paraprofessional (with absence coverage), attendance at professional development conferences, and other than personal services.

The local Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) identifies special education students for participation in UPK Plus. Children identified by the CPSE for UPK Plus services may be either three or four years of age (these are the only three-year-olds who may be served in a UPK program). The general education to special education child ratio is either 10:8 or 12:6 based on the model that New York State has approved. General education students and seats will be assigned via the centralized enrollment process.

Maximizing the number of children who participate in pre-kindergarten services depends on the powerful partnerships that exist with both community-based organizations (CBOs) and public schools. Approximately 900 CBOs deliver pre-kindergarten services. The Office of Early Childhood Education oversees resource allocation and implementation of CBO UPK services.